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Solar systems for private
homes available as grid
tie or with backup system


Solar Systems for
Shopping Centres and
Factory roof applications


Commercial Solar Farms
from 50KW/p to many MW/p


Specialists in the supply and installation of UPS Systems, DC & AC Power Backup Systems,
PV Solar System Design, Solar Components & PV Solar Systems, Inverters & Battery Chargers.

Sinetech has been designing, selling and installing quality UPS SYSTEMS, INVERTER BACKUP SYSTEMS and PV SOLAR SYSTEMS for the last 18 YEARS. We have developed a solid, proven range of quality products backed by full local support on all our products.

We provide professional turnkey SOLAR SOLUTIONS from small home systems to large commercial systems or solar farms, in standalone, grid-tie, grid-interactive and hybrid configurations incorporating Wind Generators.

  Pictures below only show a small selection of the over 3000 quality products offered by Sinetech  
  Solar Panels   Solar Batteries   1/1 & 3/1 UPS Systems   Grid Tie & Std. Inverters  
  solar   solar   UPS   inverters  
  * Solar Panels "A" Grade
* Solarworld 50-250W Poly

* Omnipower 10-300W Poly

* CIS 150-170W
  * Solar batteries 10yr design life
* Fully sealed
* Deep Cycle / High Cycle
  * Standby 500VA-1600VA
* Line Interactive 400VA-3kVA
* Online 1kVA-20kVA 1/1 & 3/1
* 19" Rack 650VA-11kVA
  * Modified sinewave
* Camping / 4x4

* Sinewave/ with charger

* Grid Tie /
Grid Interactive
  Mono & CIS Panels   Standard Batteries   3/1 & 3/3 UPS Systems      
  CIS   Batteries   UPS      
* Omnipower 10-300W Mono
* CIS PV Solar Panels
* 150W / 155W / 170W
* Sealed lead acid 7Ah-100Ah
* Semi sealed lead calcium 35-105Ah
* 2V Solar cells 600Ah-3000Ah
* Double Conversion Online
* With isolation transformer
* 10kVA to 100kVA 3/1
* 10kVA to 200kVA 3/3
  Battery Chargers   Lightning Protection   PV Solar Mounting Systems   Cables & Connectors  
  Digital   Primary   Roof   PV  
* 2 - 45A / 12V & 4A - 45A / 24V
* 11A / 36V & 7 - 22A / 48V
* 10 - 40A / 12/24V
* Class 1,2 & 3
* Single & Three Phase
* Roof mounting
* PV Connectors
* Solar Cable
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