Solar Charge Controllers and Regulators

Outback Power FlexMax 60


60A 12/24/36/48VDC 150VOC max

Outback Power FlexMax 80


80A 12/24/36/48VDC 150VOC max




25/50VOC max




25/50VOC max




100VOC max




100VOC max


MorningStar ProStar MPPT

PS-MPPT-25: 25A 12/24VDC
Max Operating Power:
12V: 350W@45C
24V: 700W@60C

PS-MPPT-40: 40A 12/24VDC
Max Operating Power:
12V: 550W@45C
24V: 1100W@60C

Applications: Industrial Use, Large Homes.

Key Features include automatic PV-based lighting load control, continuous charging and no damage from PV array oversizing, up to 190 days of data logging and built-in self diagnostics.


MorningStar TriStar MPPT

TS-MPPT30: 30A 12/24/36/48VDC incl. RTS V max=150
TS-MPPT45: 45A 12/24/36/48VDC incl. RTS V max=150
TS-MPPT60: 60A 12/24/36/48VDC incl. RTS V max=150

Applications: Professional Use, Large Homes.

TriStar 600V

MorningStar TriStar MPPT

TS-MPPT60-600V-48 & 48-DB: 60A 600V or 48VDC V max=15-V, incl. RTS

Applications: The TriStar MPPT 600V charge controller’s high voltage capability and flexible design enable several application scenarios including: Adding modules incrementally with no string sizing issues Off-grid PV systems greater than 150 Voc with long wire runs from the array to the controller New installation grid-tie PV systems with battery back-up Retrofitting string PV inverter systems to later add battery back-up without changing the PV array configuration


MorningStar TriStar MPPT

SS-MPPT15L: 15A 12/24VDC V max=75V

Applications: for Professional, Consumer, Oil/Gas

TriStar PWM

MorningStar TriStar

TS45: 45A 12/24/48V
TS60: 60A 12/24/48V

Applications: Residential, Rural elcetrification, Solar home systems, Telecommunications, Small wind


MorningStar ProStar

PS15: 15A 12/24V
PS15M: 15A 12/24V with meter
PS15M48V: 15A 48V with meter
PS15M48V-PG: 15A 48V with meter (positive ground)
PS30: 30A 12/24V
PS30M: 30A 12/24V with meter
PS30AM-PG: 30A 12/24V with meter (positive ground)
Applications: Professional and Consumer


MorningStar SunSaver

PS15: 15A 12/24V
SS612V: 6A 12V
SS6L12V: 6A 12V LVD
SS1012V: 10A 12V
SS10L12V: 10A 12V LVD
SS10L24V: 10A 24V LVD
SS20L12V: 20A 12V LVD
SS20L24V: 20A 24V LVD
Applications: for Professional, Consumer, Oil/Gas

SunSaver Duo

MorningStar SunSaver Duo

SSD-25: 25A 12V
SSD-25RM: 25A 12V with meter (kit)

Applications: for RVs, Caravans, Boats and Cottages


MorningStar SunKeeper

SK-6: 6A 12V
SK-12: 12A 12V

Junction Box Mounted Controller

Applications: Leisure, Oil and Gas, Security and Instrumentation, Solar

SunLight - for automatic lighting control

MorningStar SunLight

SL10l12V: 10A 12V LVD
SL10l24V: 10A 24V LVD
SL20l12V: 20A 12V LVD
SL20l24V: 20A 24V LVD

Applications: Lighting, Solar, Transportation and traffic

Solsum F

Steca Solsum F Charge Controller

6.6F: 6A 12/24V

10.10F: 10A 12/24V

Solarix PRS

Steca Solarix PRS Charge Controller

PRS1010: 10A 12/24V

PRS1515: 15A 12/24V

PRS2020: 20A 12/24V

PRS3030: 30A 12/24V

PR with LCD Display

Steca PR 3030 Charge Controller

PR1010: 10A 12/24V

PR2020: 20A 12/24V

PR3030: 30A 12/24V

Solarix MPPT

Steca Solarix MPPT Charge Controller

MPPT2010: 20A 12/24V V max=100V

MPPT6000: 60A 12/24V Dual tracker V max=200V


Steca Tarom Charge Controller

4545: 45A 12V/(24V V)

4545-48: 45A 12/24/48V

Power Tarom

Steca Power Tarom Charge Controller

2070: 70A 12V/(24V V)

2140: 140A 12V/(24V V)

4055: 55A 48V

4110: 110A 48V

4140: 140A 48V

Tarom MPPT 6000

Steca Power Tarom Charge Controller

6000: 12/24/48V | 30A

6000-M: 12/24/48V | 30A


Steca Power Tarom Charge Controller

12V | 65A | 1000W
24V | 65A | 2000W
48V | 65A | 4000W

12V | 80A | 1250W
24V | 80A | 2500W
48V | 80A | 5000W


Steca Power Tarom Charge Controller

VS70: 48V | 70A

6000-M: 48V | 120A