Power Trolley 8 Pure SineWave

Emergency power for TVs, DSTV Decoders, M-Net Decoders, Lights, Alarm Systems, Laptop Computers, Desktop Computers, DeskJet Printers, Radios, Hi-Fi Systems, Security Systems, Cash Registers, PABX systems, modems, hubs, routers and more...

The Power Trolley is a unique portable power back-up system designed for basically any situation when you don't have power. Just about any type of load can be connected to the Power Trolley as long as it is within the power rating indicated.

This system can supply emergency power to businesses, shopping centres, offices, homes, weekend getaways and camping and, in contrast to a noisy generator, offers many fantastic features such as:

  • Fully portable trolley design
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Basically Maintenance free
  • Microprocessor based design
  • Very fast automatic change over in +- < 5mSec
  • Powerful Output 1500VA / 1000W continuous
  • Pure Sine-wave Output
  • Fully sealed lead acid long life battery
  • Dual AC output via 15 A SA sockets
  • Resettable AC output circuit breaker
  • Excellent output regulation
  • Excellent protection features
  • Audible Alarms / DB9 RS232 output
  • Comprehensive LED status indicators
  • Powerful fully automatic battery charger
The backup time is directly proportionate to the load connected. One can achieve up to 10 hours back-up with a load not exceeding 80W. If you are running a load of 800W, for instance, the backup time will only be around one hour.*

* Load and battery size dependant.