Solar Batteries

Solar Deep-Cycle Batteries. Find out how to care for your batteries with our Battery Care Pamphlet.

OmniPower BIG Yellow Battery - Deep Cycle Fully Sealed AGM+Gel VRLA Battery
OmniPower OPS Battery

OPS Battery 12V | 60Ah to 260Ah

OmniPower Fully-Sealed Deep Cycle AGM+Gel VRLA Maintenance Free Solar Batteries.

10 year design life in standby use or up to 4200 cycles at 20% DoD
Highly efficient and cost effective solar battery.

Specifically designed for PV solar, wind storage and standby applications
Tested and approved by Sinetech.

Hoppecke Alternative to Tesla Powerwall - Omnipower Powerbank - Lithium-Ion Battery Solution

The Powerbank

Lithium-Ion Battery Solution

Approximately 5000 discharge cycles
48V 6.5kWh

Applications: Residential and Commercial solar energy storage and backup solutions.

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Hoppecke Sun Powerpack

sun.powerpack classic
Home backup storage

Number of cycles: Max. 2500 cycles at depth of discharge up to 50%
Design life: Up to 10 years

Applications: Home backup solutions and industrial power storage.

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Hoppecke Sun Powerpack Lithium Ion Battery - alternative to Tesla Powerwall

sun.powerpack premium
Home backup storage

Technology: LiFePO
Max. discharge power:
Ca. 5kW / 7.5kW (for single system with 5kWh / 7.5kWh capacity)
Number of cycles: Max. 7000 cycles at depth of discharge up to 80%
Design life: Up to 20 years

Applications: Home backup solutions and industrial power storage.

hoppecke sun.powerpack premium is currently compatible with SMA inverters. Units compatible with Schneider, Delta and Kaco inverters will be released as the year progresses.

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BAE Secura PVS Solar Battery BAE Secura PVS Solar Battery
BAE Battery
Vented Lead Acid - Solar Applications

Secura PVS Solar Battery | OPzS 2V

2V | 420Ah ~ 2V | 4500Ah C/100

Tubular-plate with a woven polyester gauntlet and solid grids in a corrosion-resistant PbSbSnSe-low antimony alloy.

3000 cycles at 50% DoD / 8000 cycles at 20% DoD
BAE Secura PVS solar batteries are low maintenance and are used to store electric energy in medium and large solar photovoltaic installations. Due to the robust tubular plate design, BAE PVS batteries deliver the highest requirements in terms of cycling ability and long lifetime. BAE has been based in Berlin, Germany since 1899. Sinetech stocks 6PVS, 10PVS and 15PVS models.

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