PV Solar Panels

Sinetech imports and distributes PV solar panels for home, office and industrial solar power systems. We offer three different types of solar panels: polycrystalline, monocrystalline and CIS thin-film solar panels. Each technology offers unique benefits best suited to various applications. Speak to one of our knowledgeable technical sales consultants about the perfect panel for your project. Email sales@sinetech.co.za

Solar Frontier CIS Thin Film Solar Panels

CIS Thin Film Solar Panels

Solar Frontier's module series offers the highest conversion efficiency of any mass produced thin-film module, up to 13.8 %. All modules are RoHS compliant and cadmium and lead-free. Fewer production steps and raw materials also mean an industry-leading energy payback time of less than one year.

Models currently available for Southern Africa: SF170-S.

  • Highest efficiency mass-production thin-film module, up to 13.8 %
  • World record 19.7 % achieved in laboratory
  • Light Soaking Effect raises output after installation
  • Good low-light behaviour
  • High shadow tolerance
  • High temperature stability
  • Based on proprietary R&D since 1978
  • Cadmium and lead free
Solar World

Polycrystalline / Monocrystalline

Solar panels / Photovoltaic modules ideally suitable for both off-grid and small on-grid applications. Highest quality standards are applied in the entire manufacturing process. SolarWorld's in-depth expertise ensures best performance and highest energy yields over the entire lifespan, even under challenging climatic conditions.

The compact dimensions of the Sunmodule® Solar Panels and the solid workmanship of its aluminum frame allow easy and flexible mounting. The design of the water repellent junction box makes wiring easy and secure. The junction box is equipped with two cable glands and two easy to wire spring-type clamps, so no special tools are needed. This simplifies installation and speeds up the installation process.

  • Germany Quality Standards
  • 10 year product warranty
  • 25 year linear performance guarantee

Standard Range

Off-Grid Range

Protect Range

OmniPower Solar Panels


Solar Panels / Photovoltaic modules ideally suitable for on-grid and off-grid applications. Highest quality standards are applied when manufactured.

Modules are pre-sorted and are supplied as per specified small or no negative tolerance. The junction box is reliably connected by a solid, welded bond to guarantee lasting functionality. All OmniPower panels are equipped with connection cables and male and female MC4-Type connectors. Supplied with a 10-Year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty (260W and 300W). The 10W to 150W panels come with a 5-Year product warranty and a 20-Year performance warranty.